Contact Information:
608 Austin Avenue
Waco, TX 76701
Tel: 254.714.1297
Fax: 254-235-2240
Opening Hours:
11:00 A.M to 2:00 P.M (Lunch)
5:00 P.M to 10:00 P.M (Dinner)
  This is probably the best restaurant in Waco love the food. I wish I had known about this place years ago.  
June 28th
  The experience was so great we stayed till they closed. The ambiance is wonderful in a family setting.  
  Mireya Chaires
July 22nd
  I drive 3-4 hours just to eat at Siete Mares  
  Vera Bracamonte
August 22nd
We do not sell alcohol but you can bring your own.
(Must order a full meal to consume alcoholic beverages.)
We are a Mexican seafood restaurant located in Downtown Waco, Texas. The restaurant consists of a single one open dining room, and a separate side room which is available for private parties, meetings or presentations. The walls are green accented by plastic fish and random pictures of President Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox. The decor isn't likely to win many decorating contests but gives a feel of laid back atmosphere where you don't have to care about world but enjoy yourselves and relish in mouth smacking Mexican seafood which are robust and flavorful but is not an assault on one's senses.

We serve complimentary chips and salsa to start off the dinner. Our yellow salsa is a deviation from the traditional red variety found in Tex-Mex restaurants, and has a pleasant, tangy flavor that prepares your palates for the array of sauces to come.

Our zesty sauce adds personality to fish served, which is tender and well-cooked and comes with sides of fluffy white rice, toasted bread and saut馥d vegetables.

We also have Enchiladas, a lunch special which provides a nice change from the seafood. The enchiladas have just the right amount of cheese and sauce and come with refried beans, white rice and guacamole.

No meal can be complete without dessert and our tres leches cake certainly adds the final sweet touch to an excellent meal. Drizzled with chocolate, the moist cake satisfies the most unyielding sweet tooth and tops off an excellent lunch.

Sergio's is an adventurous dining experience high in food quality.
Diners from all walks of life are invited to step into the world of Sergio's and probe their taste buds with Mexican seafood as colorful and robust as the people and culture that complement it.
Henry Chan | Lariat Staff
Sergio's owner Sergio Garcia and his wife, Sandra, not pictured, have been running their Waco restaurant for more than 10 years. Diners choose the unique eating establishment for its combination of Mexican food and seafood.
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