Monday-Saturday: 11am-2pm (Lunch)
Tuesday to Saturday 5pm-10pm (Dinner)
We do not sell alcohol but you can bring your own.
(Must order a full meal to consume alcoholic beverages.)

Sergio's Restaurant is brought to you by the same great folks from El Siete Mares.  It's a new location and a new name, but you can expect the same great food and hospitality.  There will be a few new wrinkles and some changes to the menu, but Sergio's is about the same great mexican seafood that was known by patrons far and wide at the old El Siete Mares location.

Our open dining room still features a varied clientele from all across Waco -- from students to Baylor professors, a mix of Latinos and locals from all walks of life -- separated by minimal space between tables.

The complimentary chips and salsa starts off the dinner. The yellow salsa, a deviation from the traditional red variety found in Tex-Mex restaurants, had a pleasant, tangy flavor that prepares our palates for the array of sauces to come.

This family-run Veracruz-style seafood restaurant, where fresh, vivid cooking impresses even the most jaded out-of-towners, is the White House press corps's favorite haunt when covering President Bush at his Ranch.
Texas Monthly - January 2003
Baylor Lariat Article
Good food meets laid-back feeling at Sergio's
Appearances can be deceiving -- take Sergio's Restaurant, for example. Located in a modest Dutton Avenue building, the Mexican seafood restaurant's façade wouldn't turn many heads.
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